The proposed merger of Fairview (which oversees the U of M medical undergraduate and graduate training programs) looks poised to happen, with the uncertainty of control in the hands of of an out-of-state employer causing alarm among U med students and residents — not to mention issues surrounding equitable access to health care in greater Minnesota.

I live in MN but practice in WI (for many reasons), but it is situations like this that would never allow me to consider working in the state in which I reside. A commenter on the piece said it best:

Promises can be broken and there are no guarantees that what is promised is feasible. This is already demonstrated in the Grand Itasca Clinic merger with Fairview. What “promises” were made then? Will being part of something even bigger help or will attention be more dispersed? Perhaps Minnesota resources should be directed at looking at these rural health issues and finding viable solutions, not putting them under the control of another state.

Watch this space, indeed.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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