Well, it finally appears we have a reason for U.S. senate Dem candidate John Fetterman’s need for an AICD.

His doctor added that he saw Fetterman in a follow-up visit on Thursday, and told the lieutenant governor that while A-fib caused his stroke, “he also has a condition called cardiomyopathy, which is why doctors in Lancaster chose to implant the device.”

Doesn’t sound as though Fetterman was the most compliant of patients.

The Fetterman campaign had said previously that the pacemaker was helping regulate his atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm also known as A-fib, which led to his stroke in May. But outside doctors said that defibrilators are not used to treat A-fib, and questioned if he had another heart condition.

Ramesh Chandra, Fetterman’s cardiologist, said in the letter that Fetterman did not follow doctor’s orders after the 2017 appointment. Chandra also diagnosed Fetterman with atrial fibrillation at the time.

“I had prescribed medications along with improved diet and exercise and asked him to follow up again in the following months. Instead, I did not see him again until yesterday. John did not go to any doctor for 5 years and did not continue taking his medications.”

I understand that “full disclosure” in politics is an all-or-none concept, that any info release on a candidate’s health that falls short undermines a popular political candidate’s trust among voters — is sacrosanct. But, FFS, now that we have cleared up the guy’s health status — all that matters now is that he follows doctor’s orders so that he can get in and occupy the open PA senate seat.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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