All politics (on crime) is local

There are elections happening at nearly every local level next week in the U.S. The adage “all politics is local” has always rung true — and, considering the implications local and municipal races have at predicting similar results in national(ized) races, next week’s contests will not disappoint.

Take Buffalo NY, for example.

India Walton, the socialist candidate who faces a general-election rematch against Buffalo mayor Byron Brown after beating him in the Democratic primary, relishes the chance to draw such fault lines.

A hypermilitarized and overfunded police department has not solved our crime problem, so we have to do something different. Progressive candidates, progressive leadership, and folks who hold our values are more interested in getting to the root causes of crime all across the board and not just punishing it afterwards.

From issues of municipal rent controls to stem homeless problems, to defunding public safety, mayoral contests in cities across the country will reflect the will of citizenry who believe putting the peoples’ agendas first. Should be interesting.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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