President Biden praises Minnesota’s “meeting the moment” on vaccination rates and incentivization for doing so.

Biden earlier Tuesday invited Walz and five other governors from states with high rates of COVID-19 vaccination to discuss their successes and strategies to overcome recent slowdowns in public interest.

Examples in Minnesota included the Saints’ giveaway of ticket vouchers at Tuesday night’s home opener for fans who received their vaccinations at the stadium.

Lake Monster Brewing in St. Paul gave free beer coupons to 141 people who received shots there on Monday night.

Biden congratulated the governors from Minnesota, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio and Utah for “meeting the moment” with creative incentives for vaccination and maintained that many people simply need easier opportunities. He also called Walz a “stand-up guy” for his many public appearances to encourage people to seek vaccination.

MN is at 64 percent of the 70% vacc rate the governor is requiring to end its mask mandate.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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