Former MN Gov Dayton ties knot

Minnesotans are polarized on the legacy of former Gov. Mark Dayton (and lackluster, if nonexistent, influence as a 1-term U.S. senator). As a former state employee for 10 years, I can certainly attest to that fact. But, I wasn’t exactly prepared for this announcement.

Dear Family and Friends,

I am delighted to reach out to you in these challenging times with some very happy news: After twenty years of bachelorhood, I am now a married man! Well-wishers, with whom I share my news, often ask me, “Who is the lucky lady?” But that is the wrong question, for it is I who am the lucky man. My wife, formerly Ms. Ana Orke, now Ana Dayton, is smart, compassionate, tough, funny, and impossibly good at Scrabble!

She is also 41 years my junior.

I’ve met Mark Dayton, and appreciate his overall contribution to MN politics, but a manther…?

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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