Epidemiologist: COVID-19 totals to double over next 30 days

Since the daily infection totals have exceeded 100K for the second day in this country, well, of course.

Coronavirus infections could double over the next month as the virus continues to spread across the United States, Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch predicted during an online discussion Friday. The US recorded more than 121,000 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, the highest single-day total since the pandemic began. Cases have also surpassed 100,000 on Friday.

“I think if caseloads double in the next month, I will not be at all surprised. If it goes more than that I would be somewhat surprised but not completely shocked,” Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said during a chat with the Journal of the American Medical Association.

But Lipsitch said he doesn’t like to make predictions because he still believes coronavirus mitigation efforts can work to bring down transmission rates.

“It’s not that I don’t want to make them, it’s that making projections gives the impression that it’s not in our hands, that it’s some kind of hurricane where we can stand there, but we can’t do anything about it,” he said.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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