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Starting today, Election Day Eve, the Doctor Pundit blog will take its own corner of the internet and put its own spin on the next 75 days until Jan. 20, 2021. The period between the all-important post-election day, proper, and the day a chief executive is sworn is one the most storied in presidential politics (probably running a close second to POTUS’s First 100 Days), and I’ll follow it in my own special way.

The section will have its own temporary page within Doctor Pundit called Transition 2021. So, join me, as this blog will do its best to follow the shenanigans and triumphs during this most critical time in our nation’s history.

What better way to kick off this project than with the latest Election Day Eve polling:

Monmouth - PENNSYLVANIA: Biden 51%, Trump 44%

Morning Consult -

ARIZONA: Biden 48%, Trump 46%
FLORIDA: Biden 52%, Trump 45%
GEORGIA: Biden 49%, Trump 46%
MICHIGAN: Biden 52%, Trump 45%
NORTH CAROLINA: Biden 49%, Trump 48%
OHIO: Trump 49%, Biden 47%
PENNSYLVANIA: Biden 52%, Trump 43%
TEXAS: Biden 48%, Trump 48%
WISCONSIN: Biden 54%, Trump 41%

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