MN GOP shenanigans in MN-2

Oh. Now this makes perfect sense. Even the local GOP here in MN will stop at nothing to get their own elected.

Four months before Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate Adam Weeks died in September, sending the pivotal Second Congressional District race into a legal tailspin, he told a close friend that he had been recruited by Republicans to draw votes away from Democrat.

In a May 20 voicemail message provided to the Star Tribune, Weeks told a longtime friend that Republicans in the Second District approached him two weeks before the filing deadline to run for Congress in the hopes he’d ‘pull votes away’ from incumbent DFL Rep. Angie Craig and give an advantage to the ‘other guy’; Tyler Kistner, the Republican-endorsed candidate.

Earlier this year, Weeks was struggling financially as the pandemic took a hit on his organic farming business, which he started with his mom. In the voicemail message, he said he didn’t have any funding to run a campaign but said Republicans were offering him $15,000. It wasn’t a lot, Weeks acknowledged, ‘but it’s enough to make door knocks with.’

Yeah … the other guy. Disgusting.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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