The presidential transition from hell

We all know POTUS is a bully who has always made his intentions known, because he never has had to deal with consequences. Those finding comfort in adopting the win-by-a-landslide strategy to enforce a clear mandate to pave the way for Democrats to pull the nation out its morass will celebrate a Biden victory on this level.

Though POTUS may be a lame duck after the dust settles next week, he’ll likely be one in name only. That is a serious concern.

Joe Biden’s arrival in the Oval Office won’t alter one mega-fact: Donald Trump will hand him a monstrous economic mess. Worse, in the almost three months between November 3 and January 20, rest assured that he will dedicate himself to making it even bigger. …

The motivation? Sheer spite for having been put in the position—we know that he will never accept any responsibility for his defeat—of facing what, for him, may be more unbearable than death itself: losing.

The gargantuan challenge of putting the economy back on the rails while also battling the pandemic would be hard enough for any new president without the lame-duck commander in chief and Senate Republicans sabotaging his efforts before he even begins. The long stretch between Election Day and Inauguration Day will provide Donald Trump ample time to take his revenge on a people who will have forsaken, in his opinion, the best president ever.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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