As social distancing measures are set to ease in MN, still many are wary

What some call fear, others call prudence. On the cusp of a projected further easing of stay-at-home restrictions in MN by Gov. Walz by the end of May, many Minnesotans plan to stick with strict procedures in mitigating COVID spread first imposed eight weeks ago.

Robin Evans, a 66-year-old former nurse practitioner, didn’t expect to spend her first year of retirement stuck in her Minneapolis home. A trip to the post office has been her only venture out in public since late March. Her husband, David Evans, works at Cub Foods twice a week. When he returns home, she wipes down everything he touches on his way into the house, where he then changes clothes.

“I think that anyone who is following all the precautions is not being overly fearful, but being prudent,” Evans said.

Abu Nayeem, 31, former St. Paul City Council candidate from the Frogtown neighborhood whose uncle died in New York City from COVID-19, also is determined to not relax his vigilance. That means wearing a mask — and giving masks to others — during the neighborhood cleanups he organizes.

It also means, he said, that city and state leaders must continue urging people to take precautions — even as more businesses and facilities reopen.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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