Trump dismisses testing and the bigger picture

As Trump plays down the importance of testing (and by extension, contract tracing), many are slowly beginning to realize how dire the current economic picture appears and how shaken politics will be for the greater part of the upcoming decade.

The president has played down the need for testing as he overrides public health recommendations that would prolong the closures of schools, businesses and much of daily life. Although he is now tested every day with a rapid-result machine, Trump has questioned the value of extensive testing as the gap between available capacity and the amount that would be required to meet public health benchmarks has become clearer. [….]

The United States is facing a political and economic challenge like nothing it has seen in nearly 100 years. Mass unemployment on a scale not seen since the Great Depression has erased the economic gains of the past decade and now threatens to linger for years, fueling social discord and shaking an already polarized political system.

Almost overnight, it seems, the U.S. economy, which just two months ago boasted abundant jobs and soaring stock values, has become a shambles. Not since the government began collecting official data in 1948 has a smaller share of the U.S. population been employed.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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