Ongoing drama in VPOTUS search

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president was supposed to have only put in place a team to begin the vetting process for his running mate by 5/1. Apparently, this process been going full bore for a while now.

Joe Biden’s advisers and allies have become torn over whether it is more important to choose an African-American or a progressive running mate. While the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, there is an ongoing debate about whether Biden ‘has the black vote locked up’ or ‘whether the bigger need we have is to put someone left-leaning’ on the ticket.

The strategist was one of multiple Democrats who described a debate in and around the periphery of Biden’s campaign about the significance of race and ideology in the vice presidential selection. They are also debating how wary Biden should be of selecting someone who has not been tested by the rigors of a presidential campaign.

The need to generate enthusiasm within the Democratic base is a driving force in every scenario — and potential running mates and their supporters are well aware of it. In an effort to frame Biden’s thinking, a number of them are now mounting early and, in some cases aggressive, lobbying and counter-lobbying campaigns.

I agree with a commenter here:

So it’s personal qualities that need to be looked at most closely–what obstacles, adversities, has this person overcome? How does she respond when tested, as any President must be? What has she achieved in whatever offices she’s held?

Dan Quayle was a House member for four years, a Senator for eight. Imagine what he would have been like as President. Look at the person, first and foremost. Look at what she’s achieved, and look at what she’s survived.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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