WI tracks cases of coronavirus possibly tied to election turnout

The Wisconsin Democratic primary did not make news – it was a foregone conclusion that Joe Biden would be the party’s eventual nominee, as Bernie made clear – but it was a distressing footnote in this particular election cycle, one in which a national worldwide crisis of monumental proportions would test the mettle of a widely seen inept commander in chief, and would begin to show signs of contributing to that existential crisis.

The state health department is tracking new cases of the coronavirus to determine whether it was spread among voters during Tuesday’s spring election.

The state Department of Health Services and local public health officials are “monitoring” the relationship between new cases in the coming weeks and voting in person, agency officials said Thursday.

“We will continue this important work to ensure that every case is followed up on, contacted, and anyone who may have been exposed notified,” DHS Secretary Andrea Palm said in a statement. “We hope the extraordinary efforts taken by local clerks, public health, voters, and poll workers helped minimize any transmission but we stand prepared to respond if that isn’t the case.”

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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