Crime Story has just launched. Seems like you can find a true crime podcast/web outlet just about anywhere you look these days. This particular debut is pleasantly different and unique; it’s a joint venture with one of the internet’s leading political outlets, TPM.

The website will feature original reporting on headline-making and lesser known court cases, with a special section about Los Angeles crime stories; columns by contributors, starting with exoneree Amanda Knox with her co-writer Christopher Robinson; crime news aggregation; as well as an interview podcast by Antholis. It kicks off with conversations with United States Attorney General William Barr and Georgetown law professor and former US Justice Department prosecutor Paul Butler.

Crime Story looks to be more than just a digital interface for original content; rather, it is a resource for a unique hybrid of reportage and storytelling, within which topics of crime and justice form the basis.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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