The one advantage to the free-for-all that the apparent nominating (primary) process that I see is: that the constant handicapping – that is the media barrage – will certainly have a sort-of round robin effect in getting the ginormous Dem field down to a manageable size.

Six months until the 2020 New Hampshire primary, the largest field of presidential candidates in history has morphed into two camps: the vast majority of Democrats who, at this point, appear to have little chance of winning — and a smaller group, any of whom may have a shot. … Traditionally, Iowa and New Hampshire — the states that come first on the presidential nominating calendar — have winnowed the field of contenders. But the unprecedented primary field of two dozen Democrats has presented a unique situation to voters who, until recently, have been eager not to count anyone out of the race just yet.

This is one beneficial aspect to mainstream media coverage that is beginning to emerge this cycle.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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