Biden's Mississippi numbers

He’s kickin’ ass and takin’ names in the state of Mississippi.

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a commanding lead among Mississippi Democratic voters as the first televised presidential primary debates are scheduled for the evenings of June 26-27. According to the findings from a new Millsaps College/Chism Strategies Pre-Debate Survey, 50% of likely Democratic 2020 primary election voters in Mississippi favor Biden while 21% are undecided. Another 29% are divided between the other 23 Democratic presidential hopefuls. United States Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders receive 7% each, Senator Kamala Harris receives 5%, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is at 2%. All other candidates receive less than 2% support in the survey. These figures reflect a combination of those who support each candidate and those who are leaning towards the candidates.

Biden’s recent missteps on abortion rights, racial tensions, and overall tactile tendencies don’t appear to be hurting him in the least, especially in a state in which the thick African- American electorate mirrors overall support for him in the Deep South.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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