A Biden shoo-in?

Ahead of the first of two Dem debates in just 10 days, former VP Joe Biden holds a commanding lead among his party’s pack, leads the field in anti-POTUS electability, and actually increases his momentum in key battlegrounds.

But, is this all just delusional thinking?

On one level, seeing Biden this way is understandable. The former vice president is out front in poll after poll. On another level, it’s downright unfair to other candidates at this early stage — and it may be dangerous to the Democrats’ quest to unseat Trump. Salon’s Amanda Marcotte finds it troubling to see Trump going after Biden with nicknames and other attacks, but not because she feels sorry for the former vice president. No, her theory is that Trump — with his unerring instinct for steering the media caravan — is focusing on Biden because he knows the former veep may be relatively easier to beat.

“Biden’s centrism, his big mouth, his age and out-of-touchness, and his handsiness sets him up to be beset with a ‘both sides are the same, so don’t vote’ campaign targeting the same voters who sat out 2016,” she tweeted.

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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