Forbidden Vices (Charlie Redmond Mystery Series) — Book #1


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Former Boston detective Charlie Redmond is done with the rat race of police work in his native city. He’s finally ready to kick up his heels, take a long awaited vacation, and dedicate his time to hiking. The action has a way of finding him, though, and shows up on his doorstep in the form of an enigmatic redhead named Carla Willems. Carla begs Charlie to help with the mystery of her father’s murder. Never one to pass up an unsolved case, Charlie trades in his nature guide for his detective’s badge and finds himself back in the rough-and-tumble law enforcement game.

The case of Carla’s father’s murder soon proves to be anything but straightforward. Each and every discovery leads Charlie deeper into the treacherous world of the medical device market, bringing him everywhere from exclusive country clubs to shady sex rings. As the case progresses, Charlie must confront ghosts from his own past if he hopes to solve the murder and bring peace to Carla.

Forbidden Vices follows Charlie Redmond’s journey back into the world of detective work with a case that requires more of him than any before. As the danger reaches perilous highs, can Charlie’s unique blend of experience and introspection solve a mystery that will otherwise go cold?

Michael L. Douglas @doctorpundit

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