Obama Reintroduces Obamacare, Sort of

It is not really clear to me why President Obama feels the need to re-sell the ACA to the masses. After all, the more popular provisions (extensions of coverage to young adult children, abolition of denials for pre-existing conditions, etc.) have been implemented to an eager political and savvy healthcare consumer audience. Along the way, information on the law’s more complex tenets (exchanges) has been filtered out to an increasingly informed electorate.

White House advisers acknowledge they struggled in explaining the complex law to the public when it passed in 2010. Now, with the final components being implemented, Obama allies see a fresh opportunity to sell the American people on the merits of measures that will be central to the president’s legacy.

Ahh, now it makes sense. His legacy. With increasing scrutiny on all issues regarding Benghazi, implications of the fiscal sequestration, and failed attempts at bipartisan support for tougher gun control legislation, the white House has decided that it’s time to give the President’s number one domestic achievement a reboot for the masses.

The president will specifically target women and young people, groups that backed him overwhelmingly during his presidential campaigns. During a Mother’s Day-themed event at the White House on Friday, Obama will promote the benefits of the law for women, including free cancer screenings and contraceptives, and ask moms to urge their uninsured adult children to sign up for the health insurance “exchanges” that open this fall.

How many ways does it take to say “coverage mandate” to those without insurance, and those without Medicare or Medicaid coverage? | LINK

10. May 2013 by Michael Douglas, MD, MBA
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