Report: Greater Than 80M Under- or Uninsured in 2012

The Commonwealth Fund has released statistics that paint a rather hopeless picture regarding the un/underinsured in this country ahead of full implementation of refrom, come January.

Eighty-four million people―nearly half of all working-age U.S. adults―went without health insurance for a time last year or had out-of-pocket costs that were so high relative to their income they were considered underinsured, according to the Commonwealth Fund 2012 Biennial Health Insurance Survey. …

The report, Insuring the Future: Current Trends in Health Coverage and the Effects of Implementing the Affordable Care Act, finds that the percentage of Americans who were uninsured, underinsured, or had gaps in their health coverage grew steadily between 2003 and 2010, with the number of underinsured nearly doubling from 16 million in 2003 to 29 million in 2010.

Sobering numbers, but the silver lining is one of access once Obamacare kicks in. Problem is, access, only, will not guarantee a ROI of decreased healthcare costs. Other measures needed to grant sustainability to, say, the availability of healthcare exchanges — have to come into play: increasing primary care numbers, expanding Medicaid, and the aggressive promotion of preventive care. | LINK

09. May 2013 by Michael Douglas, MD, MBA
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