Minnesota’s Governor Seeks Assurance from Washington on Affordable Care for Working Poor

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants it known that the citizens of his state will be guaranteed access to healthcare — and at the lowest cost possible to them.

The state does not want to transfer nearly 100,000 MinnesotaCare patients to the less-affordable federal health insurance exchanges that begin next year as part of President Obama’s landmark health care overhaul to expand coverage to as many as 30 million Americans.

Correctly sensing the market forces that may accompany the breadth of services available through exchanges, Dayton is assuring Minnesota and D.C. that current funds for general medical coverage will take precedence for those who are the working impoverished. It is hope that the feds will make good on promises to subsidize care delivery to this population instead of having it fall through the cracks.

With budget deadlines looming, state officials are still waiting for Washington to act on their request to count some of their federal health exchange subsidies toward the existing MinnesotaCare program instead.

The governor will no doubt touch on these issues as part of his address on the state’s budget during tonight’s State of the State address. | LINK

06. February 2013 by Michael Douglas, MD, MBA
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