Minnesota: Healthcare Economist Predicts Positive Access to Care Under Reform

Political coalitions here in Minnesota have largely towed the Democratic line, having gone decidedly blue in the last presidential election in spite of reports that the state was a purple one “in play” in an ultimate result that was anything but close. ┬áThe building within the democratic base also stands to reap benefits with respect to the reform law by its inception in 2014.

This, according to an MIT healthcare economist.

[Jonathon Gruber] told members of a governor’s task force Thursday that the federal health care law will reduce the health insurance racial disparities in Minnesota. [...] Gruber projects that almost 300,000 additional Minnesota residents would gain insurance coverage by 2016, and that those who currently buy health insurance on the individual market could pay 20 percent less in premiums after taxes.

Gruber was speaking in terms of the savings generated by increased access to healthcare with the advent of exchanges under reform. Dem Governor Mark Dayton has recently formed a couple of healthcare task forces — one of which will exclusively work to develop an exchange to increase access to the state’s un- and under-insured. | LINK

19. November 2011 by Michael Douglas, MD, MBA
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