Florida Rejects Fed Appropriations for Creation of Healthcare Exchanges

Many states have already agreed to federal funds to kickstart the path toward healthcare cooperatives and exchanges upon the cusp of reform. Funds appropriated by state legislatures will be used to create options for those who would have been denied traditional insurance coverage to be able to enter the competitive healthcare marketplace to obatin that coverage. Since the PPACA was signed into law, over 50 percent of states have begun crafting ways to set up exchanges.

Florida is not one of those states. Citing the burden on taxpayers, Florida’s republican governor is flying in the face of mandates required by the law to create affordable coverage via many mechanisms — chief among them — subsidies for low income healthcare consumers to enter the coverage marketplace. Florida says unless mandated by the courts to accept funds for the creation of exchanges, it’ll stay out of it. What the state is in the thick of at present, however, is its stance (upheld by a federal judge) that the ACA coverage mandate, itself, is unconstitutional. | LINK

02. August 2011 by Michael Douglas, MD, MBA
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