Poll: Americans Just As ‘Confused’ about Medicare As They Are Sure of Its Necessity

A familiar refrain to an age-old story.

A new CBS News poll shows that Americans have mixed feelings about what should happen to Medicare: While 53 percent say the program needs fundamental changes, 58 percent say it should continue the way it is set up now.

It really comes down to the issue of sustainability of the program — something that takes on an entirely new meaning in the shadow of reform. Voucherization versus the status quo. If the candidates on the GOP side want to pursue the strategy of “fixing” Medicare as a corollary to overhauling the reform law to the party’s liking, it better make sure that voters clearly understand the difference; because, as the poll shows, a majority of Americans see value in Medicare as a coverage mechanism for healthcare.

16. June 2011 by Michael Douglas, MD, MBA
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