Pharma Company’s Research Actions May Have Short Term Setback in Alzheimer Research

Pharma company Eli Lilly recently scrapped further development of an anti-Alzheimer drug designed to fight the disease from the plaque mechanism; its compound would inhibit the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the process in forming the amyloid plaques pathognomonic for the disorder.

Their reasoning? That the enzyme also works on the formation of other proteins in the brain that have no consequence in the natural histopathological history of the disease. Scientists working on the R&D for this drug have also gone as far as to question this hypothesis as a valid point of research into anti-Alzheimer development. The implications of these second thoughts have yet to be fully realized, but there could be an immediate effect on other Pharma companies researching similar treatments for degenerative dementia should they decide to follow like concerns. | LINK

18. August 2010 by Michael Douglas, MD, MBA
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